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(Tuesday, May 5th, 2015)

Hey everyone!
This week was pretty busy and really fun. It went by really fast. So, on Tuesday Elder Murphy and I had to head to Corrientes to do some of our visa stuff. They never sent me my card, like the actual ID, just the papers that say that I´m legal. So, they put that off for forever and just said, “no, we´re not gunna send it to you, you´ll be leaving by the time it gets to you and we don’t want to have to do more work.” Their laziness astounds me. But, it's okay, I just won´t have an actual ID. I´m still legal though.  Then, we went to the mall with McDonalds and that was really good. McDonalds had some sales going on and it was incredible.
Then, we had a family home evening with the Columbians. I made them pancakes with the maple syrup and they loved it. We also watched the best 2 years with them and just talked and it was a really good night. Then, one of the days for lunch we went to the city and got box. I got this calzone thing and it was super good! And, there´s another family of members that we had a family home evening with, la familia Maldonado. We had a good lesson with them and Elder Murphy could say goodbye. Elder Murphy had his last normal day as a missionary on Sunday and it went really well.  We passed by a lot of people and we had an awesome time with the Columbians. They said goodbye and everything to him and gave him presents and it was really cool.
Also, transfers were yesterday, that´s why I´m writing today, and I´m staying. That wasn´t really a surprise, but my companion was. I´m now companions with Elder White, and he is going home in 6 weeks. So, just like Elder Murphy, I know that we will only have 1 transfer together. He´s cool though. He´s from Arizona and we should have a great transfer together.  So, with the people that we´re teaching, the Columbians are doing great. The dad came in a suit and gave his testimony this last Sunday. They are all doing well. We are still teaching Martin and he should be baptized this week or next, depending on his schedule. And, the nephew of the Columbians moved in with them and he´s listening to us now. There´s another family, la familia luque, of members that just had a family member move in. Their cousin came to live with them, is listening to us, and wants to be baptized. So, I´ll be keeping you all updated on their progress. Also, la familia Aguirre is doing just fine and they are all happy. So, it was a good week overall, I´m happy to be staying here, and this transfer should be good.
The quote this week comes from James E. Talmage and it reads, “Misunderstanding is the prelude to offense.” I really think that 99% of problems stem from misunderstanding from at least one person. If we take a step back, or work towards understanding how others think, then many of the “problems” we have would just disappear. Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week and I really hope to hear from all of you soon.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 Victor making pancakes
 A legit pancake
 The calzone thing I had
 A funny picture if you know Spanish
My last picture with Elder Murphy.

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