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(Monday, April 20, 2015)

Hey everyone!

So, this week wasn´t all that different, but there were some fun things that went on. Last Monday we had a zone activity (without the sisters because they aren´t allowed to be with us) everyone in the zone went and we rented out an indoor sand volleyball court for 4 hours. It was pretty fun and I could have played for another 4. Then, on Tuesday we had lunch in the city and we ate at this place called box. It was pretty expensive, but it was good I guess. We got pizza. They had a deal for 4 halves of different kinds. The hawaiian and salami were super good, the cheese and tomato was alright I guess, but then the last one had these disgusting leaves in it that cooked into the whole pizza and I hated it, I barely got through one piece.

Then, I went and did divisions with Elder Ulloa (from Canada) in a place called PuertoTirol. Those went well and they had this one lesson that was 6 miles away, so it took forever to go and come back haha. Then, we went to do surprise service for 2 families and just cut their lawns on thursday. We got half way done with the first lawn when it just started pouring that idea was ruined and we´ll finish the job sometime this week. And, we had breakfast one day with a really active family in the ward, la familia Maldonado. That was good and, like I´ve said before, they just eat some bread, cookies, and milk or mate for breakfast and call it good. But, the mom made american brownies and they were incredible for breakfast!!

Then, Hector got confirmed on Sunday and all of the males in the Colombian family got the priesthood and Johnny, the boyfriend of Jackie, had me give him the priesthood which was really cool! Their family is awesome and they are like the equivalent of la familia Gomez for me here in Resistencia. Nancy, Sheila, and Franco made some excuse to not come to church, so we´re going to let them be for a week or two and see if they take things alittle more seriously. Santo Vega, a member of the ward, came with us a few night to go teaching and he´s really cool. He leaves on the mission this Thursday to Uruguay!! He´s really cool. The Colombians also have a friend named Martin who has come to church with them like 5 times and listens to us when we teach. he wants to be baptized, we just need permission from his mom. So, we´re going to see if she´ll give us permission this week and he might get baptized this saturday. So just pray that his mom can see that it´s a good thing for him. So, it was a really good and busy week overall and we had a lot of lessons and a ton of people to teach. The time is flying by and it´ll be May before we know it.

The quote for this week comes from Russell M. Nelson. He said, "The home is the basis of a righteous life." When we, as a family, are strong at home and do the things that we should while in our home, we are strengthened in the rest of our lives whenever we may not be at home with the safety that is there. Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week, I love hearing from home and hearing how things are going, and I´ll talk to you all next week.
Les quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 The trees at the place 6 miles away on divisions.
 Cooking arepas with the Columbians.
Fun hat stuff with Martin and Cristian

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