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(Monday, May 18, 2015)

Hey Everyone!

This week went pretty well. We had fun and got a lot of stuff done by the end of the week. So, first off, I got my haircut last Monday. It looks okay I guess, I prefer it longer, but that`s just part of being a missionary. Then, on Tuesday I went on mini divisions with Elder Ratliff. He had to go to the clinic to see why he was sick and so we went and did that, I got some ice-cream from grido because it was on sale, and then we just went back to the apartment. So, we were suppose to go to district meeting, but Elder Ratliff wasn`t feeling good, so I just stayed with him back at the apartment and rested.

Then, on Thursday we had the multi-zone conference. So, all 3 zones here in Resistencia got together and we had a good meeting. That went well and it was actually a lot of fun. On Friday, I got to do divisions with Elder Warth. I always love that and it worked out perfectly. Elder Warth`s companion is our district leader, so he had to come to our area to do the baptismal interview with martin. So, while elder White and Elder Thomas did that, I worked with Elder Warth until Saturday morning. The interview went well and Martin was all ready. Even though I started the mission with Elder Warth, we dont get to go home together. He got special permission to go back a month early to get back in time for school. So, it`s fun working with him and we`ll probably have another division or two before he leaves. Then, there are the Colombians. They had a hard week with a few things and with a few people in the church. It was hard for them, but we had some great lessons with them and they are still happy and going strong. They had to get over one of the members in the ward being dumb, and they did. Everything is good now. Then, as infered earlier, we had the baptism of Martin this week. He wanted me to baptize him and it went really well. It was a good service and he`s such a cool kid. Also, his mom and brothers came to the service and became interested in the church and now want to learn more and participate with Martin, so we will be working with them and teaching them now!! :) Also, Damaris, the cousin of la familia luque, is doing great. She wants to be baptized and is doing everything she needs to. We have her baptism planned for the 30th. So, keep praying so that can happen and that nothing gets in her way. The work is going really good here in Güiraldes. To finish the week, we had the dedication of the temple in Còrdoba yesterday. So, we didnt have normal church and we just watched the temple dedication. That went reall well and it was a good day.

The quote this week comes from, again, James E Talmage. I recently finished reading his book, "Jesus The Christ", and it was great. That`s where I`m pulling all these quotes from. So, he said, "a man possessed of any good gift...ought to use that gift to the full, that he or others may be profited thereby." We can`t just let the talents that we have waste away idly. we have to use them and better them to help both ourselves and those who surround us. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 My room (I'm bottom bunk)
 The desks (I'm on the left)
 The kitchen
 Elder White and me with Martin at his baptism.
 All the Colombians and elders and ward members at Martin`s baptism
A huge turtle we found in front of the apartment

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