Monday, February 2, 2015

10 months!

Hey everybody. 

I officially have 10 months of my mission in Sáenz Peña now. I´m semi hoping to get to a year just to say that I did haha. Anyways, this week went pretty well I guess. the only bad thing is that Elder Giles and I both had our times of sickness. We had district meeting on Tuesday and I wasn´t feeling crazy good. From like Tuesday to Thursday I was just feeling a little stuffed up, almost like allergies, but they weren´t allergies. But, they were never that bad so that´s the good thing. 

Amalia and her family are still doing well. Sara Quintana is progressing pretty well, it´s just hard for her to get to church; partly for her age and partly out of pure laziness. but, we´ll get her there. And, these less actives in our area, Nicolas Dezcano and a lady named Maria and her family have all started to come to church. We have been working with them and it´s awesome to see them start to come back. On top of that, a long time investigator (of like years) of the sisters got baptized this last week. It was pretty cool and he actually asked Elder Giles to baptize him. That surprised us and really came out of nowhere, but it was a nice little surprise for Elder Giles I guess. 

And, on Saturday we had to go in to the apartment early. Only, I have no idea why. There was apparently some carnival or circus or protest or something going on. I have no idea honestly. Now, the bad news. Elder Giles started to get pretty sick on Saturday and was dying at night and was so bad on Sunday morning that we couldn´t even go to church. That was the first time in my mission that we haven´t been able to go because someone was so sick. So, keep him in your prayers and hopefully he gets better soon. 

Other than that I just have the quote of the week. I´m claiming that the quote is just something that I came up with, I just thought of it and wrote it down and have it on the wall in the apartment, but if it belongs to someone else, then I´ve never read it before haha. It says, "You cannot become patient without opportunites to act impatiently." I like it and I´ll just leave it to you guys to think about :) Thank you to everyone that wrote me this last week and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 A Catholic Church in Cordoba.
 The city.
 The temple.

Elder Giles baptizing Darian.

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