Monday, February 23, 2015


Hey everybody!!! 

How´s it going?? This week was pretty cool. Some fun things happened I guess. So on monday and tuesday, as I think you already know, we had to be in the apartment early at 7 for the carnival thing. It was kinda ridiculous because I never saw anything about any carnival, but I gladly accepted the extra rest. Then, on wednesday, I had to do divisions with our district leader, Elder Price. He´s from Idaho, he´s a little awkward, but he´s pretty chill I guess. We had a pretty golod day. But, we got a text at like noon that say that we had to be back in the apartment at 5 because there was going to be a nation wide protest against the government. So, we just got back and rested and played uno for awhile with the other elders that live above us. But, I don´t think there was any protest. Because, at like 7, the strongest storm I´ve ever seen in Argentina happened. It only lasted like an hour and a half, but it was SOOO windy and there wasd a ton of rain. But, everything was okay. 

Then on Thursday I found a beetle in my sock...just a fun fact haha. Oh, and I wanted to tell everyone about bag lady. She´s a crazy, old, homeless lady that lives in sáenz peña. She just walks around everywhere with a ton of bags and always asks us for money. We say no, because missionaries cant give anyone money, because then people will think that the church gives away money. So, she always asks us anyways, and when we say no, she proceeds to call us every swear word known to the spanish language. It´s kinda funny actually, because she only does it with the missionaries. And then the next day she asks us for more money haha. 

Anyways, the week of work was good. We´ve been working well with a few investigators and less actives, and they are progressing, they just can´t seem to wake up on sundays to get to church. But, we´ll keep working with them to help them overcome it. Oh, and I got to see Elder Giles this week on this last saturday. His companion had to come to the church here for some leader training since he is a branch president, so they stayed the night with us. That was pretty fun and it was cool to see him and we got some burgers from the gringo loco and it was a chill night and it sounds like he is doing well. So, it was a pretty good and successful week overall if I say so. 

The only other thing would be the quote, which comes from Quentin L. Cook this week. He said, "Many choices are not inherently evil, but if they absorb all of our time and keep us from the best choices, then they become insidious." I love this quote. It follows the good, better, and best principle. Many things we do may not be "bad" but we have so much more potential and these good things keep us from doing great things. So, just strive to make the best choices. :) Thanks to everyone who wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

P.S. The computers have been bad with the pictures, sorry. We shall hope for next week.

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