Monday, July 7, 2014

Transfers coming up!

Hey everybody. 
This week was pretty good. Not too much happened this week, nothing too exciting anyways.  The US lost in the world cup, but Argentina is still going storng, so I will keep hoping for them to win!! Because, if they win then the people are happy and more accepting!! haha And La familia Fernandez, La familia Melgarejos, and La familia Cuevas are all doing really good! They are all progressing well and the only problem is that it´s hard for them to come to church. And this week didn´t make it any easier since there was a giant storm from friday night until saturday night so the streets were just destroyed! And, since no one really has  car and they have to walk it made it really hard to go to church. But, it was still a good day! And, I celebrated the 4th of july here (even though it doesn´t exist) by buying 2 pizzas and a pound of ice cream which was pretty awesome :D haha The pizzas aren´t like buying from dominoes, but they´re worth what I pay. And, we had to be in the apartment again for the Argentina game, so I was able to enjoy the food and take my time haha. The quote this week isn´t as famous, but I thought about it a few times this week. 
The quote comes from my uncle Pete Clarine (I believe) and it says, "Spoiling begins when gratitude ends." It´s short, sweet, and to the point and I like it because it focuses not on the things that we receive or what we give to people, but how we receive things is what is important. It´s not wrong to give or to receive, but we have to be constantly grateful for the actions and sacrifices of others. Thanks to everyone who wrote me and I hope to hear from everyone soon!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

P.S. The computer is garbage once again so we shall hope for pictures next week!

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