Monday, June 30, 2014

New President

Hey everyone!! 

The new President officially gets here today. So, my mission President is now President Franco! 

This week was pretty good and I liked everything we got done!! We found a new family, la familia Fernandez, and they had been taught by other missionaries, but only 2 had been baptized. Anyways, they are an awesome family and I am excited to work with them and see where it goes. And, la familia Melgarejos is still doing well and now we always have dinner with them on Friday and this week we had some ham and cheese empanadas which were awesome! And, earlier in the week they made some dessert empanadas with like jelly on the inside which I really liked! And, we had to be in the apartment again for the Argentina games. every time that they play we have to be in the apartment for like 6 hours which gets pretty boring. But, I really hope that either the Us or Argentina loses their game tomorrow, because if they both win then they will play against each other and people will freak out if they win or kill me if they lose haha. 

And, la familia Gomez is still doing well, but the mom had her work changed on her. They changed her schedule and now it´s super rare for her to be able to come to church. So, she´s sad about that, but we still pass by them and they are going to come to church when they can!! The week was pretty good overall and I´m still loving Goya and we´ll see pretty soon if Elder Mauricio is going to end the mission here!! 

The quote I wanted to put in this week is from Dieter F. Uchtdorf and it reads as follows, "Improve when you see one in yourself:
1.Selfishness (seek your own pleasure)
3.Competing Priorities
We cannot ask the question, What is in it for me?" I love this quote and how it focused outward. We should never be preoccupied with ourselves or how we will get gain. We will be better people if we try to constantly block out these attributes in our lives and focus on helping others. 
That´s it for this week and I once again got a broken computer that doesn´t have usb, but I am going to go and try to find a computer right now that isn´t broken to be able to send some pictures!!! Thanks to everyone who wrote me ad I hope to hear from everyone soon!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 The snacks from Vanessa Perez that we bought for $1 each

 Elder Warth and me with President Heyman

 MTC district at the mission conference

Elder Warth and I with Pringles for lunch

 Sister Heyman and me

 President Heyman and me

Making the ham and cheese empanadas

 Making pancakes for la familia Melgarejos

 The $5 pizza from pizza uno

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