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Monday, June 16, 2014

Hey everyone! 

This week was actually really good! On Tuesday I got to do divisions with the zone leader, Elder Harris(This is when we change companions for a day). It was really good and we got a lot of work done and we ended the day with a really good pizza from pizza uno. We ate it all before I could grab a picture, but I will buy another one soon and send a picture. And we had some mate celestial. Everyone here drinks mate, it´s like tea kind of, but the missionaries aren´t allowed to. But, the missionaries have invented something that we can drink where we use shredded coconut instead of the leaves and we use milk instead of hot water and it comes out really good!! And, I got to try ravioli for the first time in Argentina from a member, Hermana Belusi, and it was actually really good. I think I like it more than ravioli in the states haha. 

And, everything went perfectly and we had the 4 baptisms of la familia Melgarejos! They were super excited for it all week and they even got a cake to share with everyone after the baptism. A lot of people came to the baptism and the cake got eaten up quickly. But, we surprised them with a cake that we bought at their house. So, we were able to have a cake with just us and them and they really liked that. And, the cake that we got was chocolate!! It was the first cake that I have had in Argentina that wasn´t dulce de leche and it was awesome!! And, all four of them chose me to do their baptisms so that was really cool to be able to baptize their whole family!! 

And, once again, the quote that I wanted to share for this week comes from Randall L. Ridd and it says, “What does your heart desire? This is the key in what we will do compared with what we can do.” I´m not going to expound a whole lot, but I love how we are capable of doing many things, but our desires will decide what we really do. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Les Quiero,

Elder Joshua Clarine

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