Saturday, March 1, 2014

5 months in the Mission!

Tues, February 25, 2014

Hey Everyone!

I officially have 5 months in the mission today!!!! The time has been flying like crazy and the rest of the time is going to go crazy fast if this part has already gone this fast.
This week was pretty good! We talked to the Dad´s of Raul, Eduardo, and Mauricio and they said that they could be baptized as long as they behave well and show that they have actually changed and want to follow Christ. So, we are super excited for that and if everything goes as planned then we will have their baptisms this Saturday!! So, I´m really excited for that! Crazy that this saturday is already March! Also, this last week we went over to la familia Pereyra to do service, and this week it just so happened to be with giving haircuts! So, we cut the hair of Manuel, Gaston, and Cristian!(Sorry but I don´t have pictures). That was pretty fun and they actually turned out really well. 
And, the only nice thing we have in our area is a really big basketball stadium where the professionals play. Anyways, Elder Cannon and I decided that we really wanted to play basketball and, because there aren´t basketball courts here, we decided to take a shot in the dark and ask the boss of the stadium if we could play there. And, he said yes!!! So, we have permission to play in this stadium every morning for half an hour and I have been loving that and it has been way more fun playing basketball every morning. 
Then, one day we were walking and then this girl in front of us just randomly like freaked out and started crying and we went over to talk to her and she never really said what was wrong but she just said that she didn´t want to live anymore. So, we talked to her and comforted her and brought her back to her friends house where she was living(Her name is Maira and she has 2 kids and was basically living house to house). Then, when we went to pass by a couple days later, her friends husband let us in and told us that she had left to go live with the dad of her children again. But, he then continued to tell us that he is a member of the church and hasn´t been in about 6 years but liked when he went. So now we are talking to him more and teaching his girlfriend the discussions.So I´m excited to see where that goes. 
The only other thing I wanted to add in is another quote. This one is from Gordon B. Hinckley again; I´ve been getting a lot of quotes from him lately! But, he said, "I don´t worry too much about the future, and I don´t worry very much about the past. The past is gone, and you can´t change, you can´t correct it. The future, you can anticipate, but you can´t necessarily do very much about it. It is the present you have to deal with. Reach out for every good opportunity to do what you ought to do." I really like this quote. Everyone always talks about the past and how you have to move on and all that jazz, but I especially like his point about the future. Even though we can try to anticipate it, there isn´t a whole lot we can do about it. What we do right now, in the present, is what is truly important and is what is going to shape what we do tomorrow and who we are and what we have accomplished when we reach "the future". If we can focus on becoming better, happier, and more successful today, then we are going to see the fruits of our labors in the future. I hope everyone has an awesome week and I would love to hear from everyone. I love getting emails and letters. Thank you to everyone for your constant support. I hope to hear from everyone soon!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 The pancakes we made for lunch one day with ice cream on top.

 Multi-zone conference with Elder Diaz (He's an elder from Peru that I met that is pretty cool.)

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