Monday, February 17, 2014


Hey everyone,

This week went really fast and it was super busy for us. We had the baptism of Carla, Manuel, and Cristian on thursday but it was really hectic. Carla was an hour late, Cristian refused to be baptized and a lady in our ward took all our baptismal clothing out of our room!! But, Manuel was two hours late and when he went to get baptized, Cristian wanted me to baptize him too!!! So we had all 3 and it was really cool. And, Gaston was out of town but he still wanted to do it so we did it the next day, Friday. So all four happened and went well and I´m super happy for them. And, Mauricio, Raul, and Eduardo are still coming to church and they really want to be baptized and they have all the lessons and are ready to be baptized, but their dads won´t let them :( So we are going to try to work really hard this week to change their dads hearts so that they can have this experience. And, Elena still wants to be baptized but we still have no idea when she can get married. So, we will just keep waiting and praying. Antonia this week was kind of annoying. We explained where the church was like 500 times, and wrote on every pamphlet the directions and she didn´t show up and then when we passed by her house yesterday after church she called us liars. She said we didn´t tell her where the church was, so I asked her to bring any of the pamphlets or cards we had given her, she brought ALL of them, and EVERY SINGLE ONE had the address. So she is mad at us because she couldn´t find it. And, Carmelo, an old guy with a bad memory, is really good to teach but he forgets things alot and tells us the same story like 5 or 6 times every time we are with him. It´s kind of sad, but he remembers who we are and that we teach him about Jesus so we´ll see where he goes. And, 
Mauro, my first baptism from a couple weeks ago, the brother of Carla, Manuel, and Cristian, invited us over for asado(barbeque). That was last night and it was really good. We had cow.....the heart, large intestine, and kidney. The kidney was weird but pretty good, the intestine was pretty gross, even though I ate a lot (the stuff in the intestine would gush out when you cut into it and it had a mushy and gushy texture), but the heart was awesome! It was really soft and it actually tasted really good. So, up to this point, I can mark off the stomach, heart, kidney, and large intestine of the cow that I have eaten (and so far I´m not sick). 
One other thing, next week, we have a multi zone conference on our P-Day, which is really convenient since we only have one of those a week haha, so I may have to write on Tuesday next week. We´ll see.

The last thing I wanted to leave with everyone was another quote from Gordon B. Hinckley that reads, "Be happy in that which you do. Cultivate a spirit of gladness in your homes. Sundue and overcome all elements of anger, impatience, and unbecoming talk one to another." I like this one a lot and how it reemphazises the fact that we choose to be happy or not to be. If we force out the negative emotions then we will automatically have more of the good ones fill our life. Thank you to everyone who writes me and keeps in touch and I hope to hear from everyone soon!
I forgot to tell everyone that I went to the zoo today. It was pretty cool, it was pretty ghetto but kind of impresice compared to a lot of the other things here! I´ll send pictures
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 Carla before her baptism.
 Gaston after his baptism.
 Manuel before his baptism.
Tucan at the Zoo.

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