Monday, March 31, 2014


Hey everyone!! 

This week was pretty cool!! We´re already done with half the transfer which is weird, and tomorrow we change back to the old schedule with studies in the morning and staying out all night since it is transfering from summer to spring now, so we´ll see how I like that! 

Also, this last week we had a ton of rain and I lost my voice for two days so I had to like yell and it still barely made any sound, but I feel fine now! :) Anyways, because I hit 6 months I burnt one of my ties to "celebrate" the 1/4 mark and now I´m looking forward to a year where I´ll burn a shirt! haha Anyways, this wednesday I did divisions with Elder Gates, our district leader, and those went really good and the member who made lunch made the best pizza, hands down, that I have had in Argentina! It wasn´t a dominoes pizza but it was almost as good as an American Pizza and I haven´t had that in soo long that it was incredible!!! She had a pepperoni one, a ham one, a tomato one, but the only one that was kind of gross was sardines. I dont know why, but people here think it is okay to put fish on a pizza. 

Then, the next day, Thursday, we had a training with President Heyman which was pretty okay. But, the best part was when we got free lunch and it was a really good steak sandwich! 

And, this week we got the goal that we were trying to get: the whole family of Mauricio came to church, all 6. They all came to church and liked it and we had another family home evening with them and la familia Mercado, even though only the Dad from la familia Mercado came.... Anyways, it was a great week and Jorge, the Dad of Mauricio, really opened up to us and thanked us for how much we are helping him and his family and really wants to do the right thing and that was really cool to see!! anyways , that´s pretty much all that happened this week. 

And, the quote from this week reads, "Make every day count. Appreciate every moment and take from it everything that you possibly can, for you may never be able to experience it again." I love this quote and it´s pretty selfexplanitory. We aren´t here to waste time and we need to do our best, and make the best, out of every day and every situation and I love this mentality in always looking for the good, or looking for the lessons that you can larn from the bad! i hope everyone has a great week and I hope to hear from a lot of you soon!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 A picture that Brisa, the Sister of Mauricio, drew for me.

 When Elder Cannon cut Cintya´s hair

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