Monday, March 10, 2014

Transfers Tomorrow!

Hey everyone!! 

Crazy that transfers are tomorrow!! I´m excited to see if I stay or if I go. I was thinking this week and decided that I would really like to stay here one more transfer but I feel like I am going to leave. But, I will find out tomorrow. 
The carnival was a nice break since we had to be inside early, but nothing really happened. There was just some big parade in centro. Also, this week we got our hands on a bible from the Jehovah´s Witness and it was interesting to see the things that they have changed, and they have just completely removed 14 verses. But, in order to keep the references in tact, the verse still appears and just has a giant dash like nothing ever existed there...weird. And, Elder Cannon was sick this week but we had a ton of work to do and he still wanted to leave and do work and we still did, except for one morning that we took off in order for him to rest some and take some medicine. But, he feels fine now. 
And, this week we had a family home evening with la familia Mercado and la familia Gomez (The family of Mauricio and Raul and Eduardo came) and that went really well and we had a nice night and a good lesson together. And, Celeste, the sister of Mauricio, and Manuel have been reading the Book of Mormon a ton. They each read like 20 chapters this week so that was really good. And, we did service this week by cutting the hair of Mauricio and then of his Dad (Sorry I don´t have pictures) and then we spent 3 hours digging a 7 foot hole that was 6 feet wide for Raul and Eduardo´s Dad since they are making a bathroom, and I guess that´s how they do it here haha. So, that was really tiring but still fun! (And we got to be in normal clothes :D haha) But, that´s pretty much all the exciting stuff that happened this week and now we just wait until transfers to see what happens. 
But, the last thing I wanted to share is another quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley that reads, "Keep faith with the best that is in you. Your own constant self-improvement will become as a polar star to those with whom you associate. They will remember longer what they saw in you than what they heard from you. Your attitude, your point of view can make such a tremendous difference." I love this! If we can just go through life and try to be better and show that to others and be the most that our potential allows, then people will always remember us as good people. So, we should always strive for this type of excellence and impact in our lifes. 
Thank you for the emails and I hope to hear from you all soon!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

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