Wednesday, January 21, 2015


January 19, 2015

Hey everybody!! 

This week was a pretty good one. First off, there are no letters on this keyboard, so forgive me if there is a mistake. And, this week was interesting. The elders that use to live with us both got emergency transfered out to take over an area in Resistencia and we had to help them leave and then move stuff from the apartment above us which kept us entertained. And, Elder Condori stole my huge bottle of soy sauce that I use for rice and had barely used...little punk, it was kind of expensive. Then, I did divisions with our new district leader, Elder Creer, and those went really well and we found some cool people. One of them was sara quintana. We knocked on her door right before calling it a day and going in to the apartment, and she just said that she had been waiting and praying that we would show up. She´s older and lives alone and wasn´t able to make it top church this week, but is really good. 

Oh, and I forgot to tell you guys that Elder Giles and I went to the zoo last week aqnd that was kind of fun. It was the same zoo that I went to last year, so there was nothing new. And, to top everything off, we had the baptism of aldana and everything went well!!! :) It was good and nice to see. In other news, Elder Giles has to travel to Cordoba this week from Wednesday to Saturday and so I´ll be stuck in divisions. But, that´s pretty much it for this week. 

The quote this week comes from Thomas S. Monson and it reads,  "We discover something about ourselves when we learn about our ancestors." I like that and how we can really change by learning about those who have gone on before us. And, I encourage all of you to take a look at and find out a little more. Thank you to everyone who wrote me and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 Jackie in the rain!

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