Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference!

Hey everybody!! 

This week was really cool! First off, we got another baptism!!! It was a complete surprise to us. We met a family last week who had recently moved here from about 2 hours away, la familia escobar. Anyways, we found out that the 11 year old daughter, Ayelen, wasn´t baptized. And, she had received a lot of the lessons from the missionaries already and was ready to get baptized since she had already been to church like 10 times. So, they just had to come to the church here one time and we had to reteach her everything in a week as like a review. Then, we had her baptism on Friday since General Conference was on saturday! The other elders of pirane also had a baptism and Ayelen wanted our district leader to baptize her, so he did both baptisms.That was really cool to have happen this week. 

And, it was awesome to see General Conference. Although, it was the first time that I had to watch it in spanish. That´s fine and´s not like I don´t understand, I just didn´t like not hearing their actual voices. And, the internet was really slow here. We just watched it in the church on the computer screen and it froze like every 10 minutes haha. But, it worked out okay in the end. 

We did divisions this week which went well. I stayed in my area and worked with Elder De La Peña and it was good. At the end of Tuesday and all day Wednesday, Elder Aguirre got really sick. He felt super weak and like couldn´t walk and almost wanted to go to the hospital. But, he didn´t have to. He was feeling better on thursday after some rest. He´s still not 100%, but he´s better. Speaking of Elder Aguirre, transfers are tomorrow!! Although, I don´t think anything will change. I think that I´ll stay here and so will Elder Aguirre. But, we shall see and I´ll let you all know next week. 

La Hermana Amarilla came to conference on saturday and Sunday and she is doing really well. Her kids still haven´t gotten a big enough desire to wake up and come to church, but it´ll happen. We still have to visit with her and reteach the lessons, and her kids listen when we teach, so someday they´ll show up to church. And, La familia Aguilar, the family who had one of their children pass away, also came to conference. They seemed to really like it and we are working towards the baptism of the Dad on October 25th. So we´ll hope and pray that all can go well with that. 

The only other news is that it´s starting to get really hot here. The worst day was Friday. It was like walking around in a sauna all day. But, I´m on my last summer!! :) The quote I wanted to put in for this week comes from L. Tom Perry and it reads, "Those who rely solely on themselves and follow only their own desires and self-inclinations are so limited when compared to those who follow God and tap into His insightg, power, and gifts." I love this quote and this emphasis it puts onto how little we really know. We may have certain beliefs or opinions, but we aren´t that knowledgeable and we must learn to rely on help and guidance from God. 

Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week (you know who you are :D) and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
P.S. I got the computer fixed and now it´s...PICTURE TIME!!!
just kidding....I got the pics onto the computer, but can´t get them downloaded to email.....but we´re getting closer.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

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