Monday, October 27, 2014

13 Months!!

Hey everyone!!! 

This week went really well. First off, la familia Gomez gave us dinner on monday and it tasted awesome and they still buy me Secco pomelo because they know it´s my favorite soda here. And, I was able to meet up with Catalina Gonzalez this week, the first mom and daughter that I baptized in the mission. That was really cool, and they introduced us to their neighbors, la familia Rodas. They´re really cool and one of their sons came to church this week with us as well. He is 11 and his name is Hernan. 

And, we found out this week that Olga is actually, most likely, going to break up with her boyfriend when the kids finish school in December and then get her own place. But, 3 of her kids have a baptismal date for the 8th and we´ll hope that everything goes well with that! :) And, Amalia and all of her kids are doing well. We helped them get the water again this week. Those things are super heavy and it took like 2 or 3 hours, but we felt good to do it for her. Like, her oldest kid is 9 and she is pregnant and there is no man in the house. So, it feels good to help her with that and we told her that we were going to help her with that once a week with that. But, they had to travel this week, so they couldn´t come to church. But, we still have a baptismal date with them towards the end of november, and I know that they are going to be able to get there. 

Also, we had passed by a less active family on Tuesday while I was on mini divisions with Elder Lastres. Another member, hermano Rojas, helped us out and gave a ton of references to us and went out to work all night with Elder Lastres and I. And so he brought us to this family. The Andreani family hasn´t come for a while, but they said they´d like us to come back. So, we went back on Friday with Elder Giles and they didn´t pay  attention at all and were laughing at Elder Giles since he couldn´t speak spanish (even the mom) and it was really bad. We could tell that they don´t want our help right now and we aren´t going to pass by for a little while until they are ready to mature and progress. 

Oh, and on friday, the other elders got some awesome asado, barbeque, from a member and shared with us,and it was some of the better beef that I have yet to have here in Argentina. Although, it was a bit fatty. But, it tasted good either way. So, it was a good week overall and I´m still really excited for the progress of the people that we are teaching and can´t wait to see them take the steps to follow Christ more in their lives.

The quote this week comes from Marcos A. Aidukaitis and it reads, "First, we can know the truth by observing its fruits...Second, we can find truth by experimenting on the word ourselves." I love this quote and how it shows us that we can know what is true and good by watching and then putting into practice the things that we see. If something is good, than it´s consequences will be good, and when we act in the same way, we will experience these consequences. Thank you to everyone that wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

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