Monday, September 1, 2014

Crazy Week

Hey Everyone! 

This is a long one, I think, so get ready. I got transfered against all odds!! even though I wanted to stay in Goya and train, it didn´t happen. I got transferred to Formosa to a place called Pirané. I was sad and a little upset to have to leave Goya, but when I got here it got better. My new companion is Elder Aguirre from Columbia and he´s super cool and we like basically all the same things and so far we get along really well. So, they "whitewashed" goya, which is when they change both missionaries, since Elder Mauricio went home and I came here. So, I said goodbye to everyone on Tuesday since I found out monday night and it was sad, but everyone was home so I got to see them one last time. I said goodbye to la flia Cuevas and she gave me one of her homemade baskets, la familia vera, la familia Melgarejos and their neighbors, and then finished off the day with la familia oviedo and la hermana bought us a chocolate and strawberry cake and it was the first time I had/saw strawberries in almost a was pretty awesome. And then I had to leave at 3 am since it was 10 hours in 3 different buses and I didn´t get there til 7pm. The apartment was pretty cool, but it had a ton of spiders that I had to kill (I don´t have a fear of spiders anymore in case anyone was wondering) and I even found a nest. And then on day 2 I saw a cockroach...and I went to kill it, and 20 big ones came out of the same hole which was gross. So, we bought cockroach killer and aired those bad boys out and they were running everywhere and it was pretty gnarly, but now the apartment is bug free and looking good :) And, it´s like a billion degrees hotter here. It´s technically winter and I´m sweating like crazy even when I´m just sitting doing nothing. But, I love the new area. The people are super nice and receptive and they have a branch activity every friday with games and food which is really fun. Also, there is a basketball court close to the apartment and I am companions with the only latin who loves basketball and doesn´t like soccer, so we play basketball every morning. And, we went looking for some old investigators of the church that had come to church twice and we got them super excited and they both came to church and it looks like they will both get baptized this week. Their names are Amarilla and Leonicio. Different families, but both super awesome and if all goes well this week, the next time I write you they will both be baptized. And I met some really cool members, La familia montiel and la hermana Pastor. The only bad thing is that la familia montiel lives over an hour away walking. but, la hermana Pastor wants to go out teaching and contacting with us every day. It´s super awesome. And the branch president here is really cool and super humble and I already love the guy, he´s so cool. And, people think I´m good at spanish or something. Everyone that I´ve asked where they think I´m from have said Spain, Italy, or Buenos Aires and that´s always cool to hear and not have them call you a gringo. The church here is really´s basically a big house, but the members are awesome and I´m super excited for this transfer here and I hope that elder Aguirre and I stay together for awhile. I´m kind of out of time, so that´s pretty much it for this week, but the quote that I wanted to add in this week comes from Gary E. Stevenson and it reads, "Your [life] will pass quickly, and you´ll have eternity to think about what you did in this life." I love this quote and the eternal perspective it gives us on the choices we make and how they will affect our eternal happiness. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week and I brought my camera, but forgot my cord to connect it, so I´ll have a ton of pictures next week!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

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