Monday, February 3, 2014

Staying in Ensanche!

Hola everybody!!

Soooo, transfers happened this week and I got my wish! I am staying in Sáenz Peña in Ensanche Sur for another transfer and Elder Burnham left. My new companion is Elder Cannon. He seems really cool and we get along really well so far and I am excited to work with him til, at least, the middle of March. Also, this week we finally got a new table. The old one was plastic and about to break in half, so it is nice to have a real wooden table now. 
So, this week we talked to Elena about getting married before her baptism and she said that she was going to do whatever it took to be baptized and she went to the marriage office to do it. So, we should find out how long it will take to get married within the next couple of days. And, we found and taught this pastor of an Evangelical church and he is actually really receptive to the message and told us that he is going to study our book, The Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants, and if he feels like it is all correct then he is going to change and tell his congregation to change! So, I´m interested in seeing where that will go. 
And, we had the baptism and confirmation of Mauro!!! It was super awesome! He asked me to do both the baptism and the confirmation so it was awesome to do that and to see how much he has changed. A ton of his family was there and they want to learn more about it, along with his girlfriend, and we have planned to baptize Manuel, Carla, and Cristian this saturday (They are all his younger siblings). So I am super stoked for that and it has been awesome to develop this relationship with their family and I love seeing them and seeing how much happier and unified they are now!! 
The last thing I wanted to share is a quote from an ex prophet, Gordon B. Hinckley, and it reads, "The course of our lives is seldom determined by great, life-altering decisions. Our direction is often set by the small, day-to-day choices that chart the track on which we run. This is the substance of our lives--making choices." I love this quote. Not everyone can or should leave their homes for 2 years to go teach about the gospel. But, everyone can make the small day-to-day decisions to live a better life, be a better example, help others, and point your life in the right direction. The huge decisions aren´t as huge as they seem, it´s all the small ones that lead up to that decision. 
I am super thankful for the support everyone gives me and for the opportunity I have to be here in Argentina. Thanks again and I hope to talk to and hear from everyone soon!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine 
Elder Cannon and I with Mauro before his baptism (Argentine people don´t believe in smiling in pictures)
Mauro and I after his baptism.
The old district at our last district meeting

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