Thursday, October 24, 2013

3rd Week in the MTC

October 17, 2013

Hey everyone! I only have two more full weeks left in the Missionary Training Center! It's crazy to think that I'm coming up on the one month mark! I had a rough beginning of last week after P-day. Some people were whining about teaching investigators and we aren't learning as fast as I'd like to, but everything is okay and everyone kind of changed their attitude about teaching and people have been working a lot harder at the language even if we don't learn at the same rate so it's been going well since that one day! This week has just been a ton of teaching practice lessons and and getting further into the language. Each week here is like an entire year of language in high school. Dallin H. Oaks (One of the twelve apostles of the Church) was at the MTC on Tuesday night for the devotional and it was awesome to have someone so influential so close to us (My district was in the second row). He talked about how we, as missionaries and really at any stage in life, need to constantly better ourselves. We first have to change, even if we are just faking it until we make it. Then we achieve skills or goals through our change and we are closer to being a better person. And then the final step is to become, that once we have change and achieved that we truly become the person that we wanted to be. I liked that message and the knowledge that if we make an effort to be better that we will truly gain those attributes we want. Elder Warth and I are doing well on our goal of reading the Book of Mormon and we are on page 345 right now, which means that we have less than two hundred pages left. Anyways, I'm really starting to pick up the language! I can understand almost everything people say, it's just speaking back that is a problem. I still don't know a lot of words and then I have to put the sentence together in a grammatically correct way. But it is coming quickly and I love learning it. I love being here but I can't wait to actually get out of the Training Center. The schedule is the exact same every single day and there is almost no variety to what we do, so I can't wait to be in the field! I really appreciate all of the emails and the letters (including Dearelder) and I am making my best efforts to stay in contact with everyone. The support I get from everyone really helps and I'm grateful for it. I hope all is going well for everyone and their families. If anyone needs my mailing information or information for just let me know. I leave here in just over two weeks so my address will be changing. Since the scenery doesn't really change, I think I'll only have one or two pictures this week and I'll get those up in a few minutes.
Elder Joshua Clarine

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