Friday, October 11, 2013

2nd Week in the MTC

I love getting to P-Day. It is super relaxing and it is really the only day I have time for a nap! Since I am at the new campus and they haven't quite finished our gym yet, we have to workout outside at 6:30 in the morning and it is starting to get really cold, especially in the morning. But we still have to workout since every meal here is a buffet and we only get 50 minutes to workout. So I have to either start eating less or doing something other than basketball for gym time or I'm gunna get fat haha. Since Elder Warth and I are the music coordinators, I am able to play the piano for almost an hour every day which is super nice to get away from the classroom and language for a little bit. 
For General Conference last Saturday and Sunday we had to walk up to the main campus to watch it, which was like a half an hour walk. A couple great quotes that I liked from Conference that I felt could apply to anything in life were, "What is said isn't as important as what you hear," and "Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith." I loved both of those. One of the first devotionals we had when I got here, the speaker said that the most important part on a grave isn't the birth or the death, but the dash in between. And then they related that to the mission and how I should make the most of my dash between 2013 and 2015. And that really hit me, as that dash, whether in the mission or in life, represents the legacy we leave behind and all the stories of our life. So we should strive to make the most out of our dash, and I know I'm going to make my dash on my mission matter. 
Our devotional on Sunday was INCREDIBLE. If anyone has ever heard of vocal point, they are an acapella group from BYU that is famous all over the country and has been on TV for an acapella competition and they gave our devotional! The members change every year since they have to be going to BYU so I hope to someday at least try out. But the music was super awesome and they had a really good message.
 We got a new district yesterday, 4 elders and 4 sisters, which is fun, but we haven't really had a chance to talk to any of them yet. Elder Warth and I have a goal to finish reading The Book Of Mormon before we leave here and right now we are on track, we are on page 250 right now. I love hearing from everyone, even if it is just saying "Hi". And thank you to everyone who has emailed, mailed, or used dearelder to contact me, I appreciate it A TON!!And I love everyone and hope that all are doing well with work, school, or whatever else they're doing and I hope to hear from everyone soon. I'll leave you with one quote I got yesterday and it's about a mission and it says, "You have 2 short years to to serve, an eternity to remember." I love the experiences I am having and for all the memories I will have.

With Love,
Elder Joshua Clarine
Elder Clarine's bedroom at the MTC
 Elder Clarine's closet at the MTC
 District at the Map
 Elder Warth & Elder Clarine
 Angel Moroni on top of the Provo Temple
 Elder Clarine & Warth riding bikes at the MTC
District at the Provo Temple


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