Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hola everyone. 

So I didn´t get my third Pday in a row yesterday because I had to travel to Corrientes to do stuff for my visa (Tramites), but I get to write now. And, I´m sorry but this letter will probably not be the longest one yet. But I had a good week this last week with my training in Resistencia and with teaching  a lot of people. And, 2014 will be the only year where I will be in my mission all 365 days, CRAZY!! 

I love getting emails and letters from everyone and I am really thankful to everyone that puts in the effort to keep in contact. We are now in week 4 of this transfer, and week 10 of my training overall, so that means that we are coming up on transfers pretty quickly now!! 

This week we did divisions with the zone leaders so I worked in a place called Obrero for a day and that was fun to work in a new area and see new things and teach new people!! And, this one lady in our area had a meeting with another church and she had a Book of Mormon from missionaries a long time ago, and she was reading that before the pastor of her church came, but he never came and we showed up exactly when he was supposed to be there. We were just walking down the street at the time and had no idea about her story, So I think this is too much to just be coincidence, that she was reading the book of Mormon, her church was supposed to come but didn´t, and we felt like we needed to knock on her door specifically. But, She chose not to accept this gift from God and just said that she didn´t want to talk and was going to continue waiting for her church!! Too sad!!! But, every has their agency to accept or reject us and we respect her ability to reject a sign from God haha. 

But, yesterday was still good with going to Corrientes and all my Visa stuff is going well and we got to go to the only Mcdonalds in the mission which is in Corrientes which was awesome because it tasted exactly the same as it does in the States!! That may or may not have been the happiest I have been on my mission while eating that! (UNA BROMA haha) :) but it was really good. Thanks again to everyone for contacting me and for being so awesome while I am 6,000 miles away in Argentina!! I should finally get a real Pday this coming monday, but if not just expect my email on tuesday again haha

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
This computer is once again broken so I will get up pictures as soon as I can, maybe later today or next monday for sure if not today!

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