Monday, January 20, 2014

Last week of training

Hey everyone!! 

Crazy that this is my 12th and final week of training and then I´m back to a good old normal missionary. Transfers are a week from tomorrow so I can´t wait for that. We think my companion is leaving and I will probably just stay here but no one knows yet. 

Also, last week with the pic of the dog following us, I don´t think I even explained it. The dog followed us from the middle of centro, walked with us for 40 minutes to chango mas, waited outside for another 45 minutes, followed us back to where we were going to write and waited there for an hour and eventually left. It was just crazy because we didn´t give it any food or anything, it just liked us for some unknown reason. 

And, last week we had to drop a really promising family because the moms boyfriend moved in and he is super catholic and hates us and wouldn´t let us talk to them and always flipped us off when we walked in the street and this last tuesday he tried to hit me with his car but someone from the street yelled at me soon enough and I dove out of the way just in time and then we left that neighborhood right away. But, we still teach there, we just make sure not to pass by their street. And, we are teaching another awesome family where the mom is a member but is less active and hasn´t come to church in over 15 years. So, a lot of her kids are working towards their baptism and two of them told us that they want to quit smoking so we are helping them with that and 3 of them came to church this last week so we are really excited for them to progress. They always want us to come over more and do family home evening with them and it is awesome, because at first they all hated us and only the mom would talk to us and now she is like the most uninterested one, they all love to have us over. and, we met another old lady named Anita that said that she is catholic but she doesn´t feel right there and is looking for more truth and trying to change and she feels like god sent us to her so we have high hopes for her. But, her husband is really catholic and we don´t know if he´ll let her change. 

Also, we talked to a gypsie this week who isn´t heavy in their religion and wants to learn more about us. But, something new I learned, is that the gypsies don´t actually get married, they just put their hair in a bun if they are married and down if they aren´t. So, since she is married in the gypsie religion she will never have her hair down. Kind of interesting. 

But, the last thing before I wrap up is another good quote from Richard J Maynes. It reads, "Our life is designed for us to learn the lessons that we need to live eternally." I really like that, in the sense that we can see all of our trials and problems and weaknesses as the things that we have to do and the things we have to improve and that these are the reasons we are here on Earth. To progress in these ways and always make ourselves better people. I love all the emails I get and love hearing from everybody.Thank you for the support and I will talk to you all next week.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 We got excited to find a basketball court, went to play last pday, 
and it didn´t even have a hoop :( just a ghetto backboard
An awesome family. from left to right: Brother Ilario, me, Santiago, Samira, and Sister Rosa. Ilario is the brother of rosa and she takes care of him because he is blind, and she also makes us lunch once a week and cleans our clothes!! She is awesome.

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