Monday, November 17, 2014


Hey everybody! 

This week was pretty good. On Tuesday, we had the multizone conference. So, there were nlike 60 missionaries and we all just had the training with president and that went well. It was a pretty long day, but at least we weren´t outside walking in the rain all day. 

Then, on Wednesday we had lunch with la Flia. Urban. That was cool and we bought 2 little plants from her to put in the apartment. And, right before we left, it just started to pour. It was like crazy heavy rain for like 10 minutes and then nothing. It was super weird. But, I´m glad we didn´t have to walk in the rain. And, rosana and Samantha had moved (I don´t know if I already said that), but we got permission to go to their house even though it´s like one street out of our area. They are doing well, but they both don´t have the best health and it´s hard for them to walk to church. And, we didn´t have the baptism of Yamila this week. She traveled again. On Thursday she went out of town and she won´t be getting back til tomorrow. So, I´ll keep you all updated on what happens with her. La Familia Ramirez is still doing really well. We started teaching them the lessons again and they are doing really well. They are probably my favorite family that we are teaching. Once again, Amalia didn´t come to church this week. But this week she had a real reason. Her baby was born on Wednesday!! So, she is still in the hospital and we will go by her when she gets out. It´s weird though because it´s almost been a week and the baby still doesn´t have a name... 

Anyways, there was another baptism at the chuch this week from the other elders and I played the piano for that. So, before I played for that, the music director didn´t know I could play the piano. And, now that she knows, I am playing the piano again in sacrament meeting and for the choir that will sing at the end of this month and next month for Christmas. 

And, transfers are technically tomorrow!!! We´re pretty sure that neither one of us will change since I am the trainer of Elder Giles, but we will see what happens. I´ll let you guys know next week. Hopefully I´m still in Sáenz Peña with Elder Giles. That´s pretty much all the exciting stuff that happened this week. 

So, while D. Todd Christofferson was talking I had written down, “Even though God will love us no matter what we do, that is not excuse enough to act against our moral conscience and do what we want.” I love this. Simply because we can always go back to God or because His love is unconditional doesn´t mean that we just do whatever we want all the time and expect to recieve countless blessings from it. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

 A frog in the rainstorm on Wednesday.
At la Familia Ramirez´s house with their firend Damian

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