Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey Everybody!!! 

This week was super cool. On monday, after P-day, we found this cool pizza place that had Hawaiian pizza, the first time I have seen that in the mission, so we got it and it was incredible. That was like a highlight of the week. And, we did divisions with the zone leaders this week. I went to their area and worked with Elder Reynolds. Those were kind of weird. Elder Reynolds is a good guy, but he´s really pretty awkward. 

Then, Elder Giles had his birthday on Friday. I got him a white tie for his baptisms, since I knew he needed one. And, one of the other elders got him icecream from grido...and they both caught him totally off guard. It was super awesome and he was super appreciative. Then, we had pizza and icecream to celebrate (and yes, we did get another Hawaiian one). :) 

And, one of the main stores here had black friday this last weekend, so when we went to get refreshments for the baptisms, everything was like buy 3 get 2 free. So, we scored big with soda and cookies and all that fun stuff. Lucia suarez and her family are doing well, along with Amalia and her family. But, none of them came to church this week except for Lucia suarez, and she´s already a member. So, we´re gunna work really hard this week with her family and Amalia´s family to excite and encourage them to go to church. 

Anyways, onto the baptisms of Yamila and Olga´s kids. The bad news first. Yamila didn´t get baptized because she traveled to her grandmas house this weekend, still not really too sure why, so we had to change her date to this coming saturday. So, we shall hope that all goes well for this week. But, all of Olga´s kids were able to get baptized and it went really well. I baptized both Facundo and Alejandro, and Elder Giles baptized Fiorella. And, they had been playing soccer this whole week with a ghetto tennis ball, so Elder Giles and I bought a cool nike soccer ball and gave that to them as a gift after the baptism. That was really cool since we knew that they wanted that more than anything, but are a really humble family and just didn´t have the money. They are an awesome family. And then, on Sunday, I was able to do the confirmation of both Facundo and Fiorella, and Elder Giles did the confirmation of Alejandro. 

Anyways, that´s about it for this week. The last time I watched conference I watched it in spanish and took notes in English. So, the quotes aren´t really quotes, they´re more like thoughts or translations from when I was listening to certain people. So, when I was listening to Boyd K. Packer I wrote down, "Those who look and listen will see and feel that the hand of the Lord is still outstretched to us." I love this and it really just gives a sense of hope at any point in life. Thank you to everyone who wrote me this week and I hope to hear from you all soon.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 Elder Giles Birthday Pizza

 Baptism Pictures

 Us with the family after the baptism with the ball we gave them


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