Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day!

Hey everybody!! 

First off, happy mothers day to all the mothers yesterday!! This week was pretty awesome actually. We passed by la familia Vera a couple times and they are members and they help us go and teach so that is cool. And, we started teaching la familia melgarejos and they are really cool and they came to church and there is Lidia, the mom, and then her kids florencia, jonathon, and mawuel. And, sofia from la familia gomez came to church and it looks like she will be baptized a week from saturday!! :) And we also started teaching another family, la familia ayala. And they are cool, but they have a lot of family problems and we are working with them and I have a lot of faith that they will progress and better themselves. 

And, I had wanted to say that we walk a lot here, like 10 miles a day, and so it was weird getting use to that at first, but sometimes it´s pretty cool because we are right on the side of the Río Paraná ad the river is really pretty! I´m pretty happy with the weather here and the apartment and my companion and everything. I really like Goya and I´m excited to be here!! 

I don´t have a lot of time today, but the only other thing I wanted to put in here was a quote from W. Craig Zwick that says, "We have all regretted saying something before we understand the other persons point of view." I really like this and it made me think a lot and it is true. Everyone says things in defense of what they think is right and true and we should try to see from the other persons point of view first before we respond. Many times we can see where they are coming from, and even though we may not agree, we can responf more calmly and with a better presence. So, I hope that we can all do that a little bit more with our coworkers, friends, siblings, etc. Anyways, thank you to everyone who constantly writes me and keeps me in the loop and I look forward to hearing from you all next week.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

 A snake I saw this week.
 The beach by Río Paraná
 Skype with the family on Mothers Day!!! :D

some homemade french fries

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