Monday, May 19, 2014

Goya Week 5

Hey everybody!! 

This week was really cool. Sofia came to church again this week and everything is on track for her to be baptized this Friday!!! And, la familia Melgarejos are coming along really well and they are really gaining a testimony and they came to church again. And, we´ve been visiting Vanessa Perez and she is a less active member, but this week she just gave us a giant bag of cheese puffs!! 

And, it was Elder Mauricio´s birthday this last week on the 15th, so we had a fun day and ended it by buying 3 burgers for $22, which is the US equivalent of like $2. So, that was really good and I bought a ton of potatoes and I always make fries here when I´m hungry. Plus, the sky here is really open and I love seeing the sky every day since the clouds are usually really cool. The only bad thing about being here in Goya is that we are really far away from the mission office and I haven´t gotten any mail in over a month because of that!! But, it´s okay since I think I´ll get some mail tomorrow.  And, this week I had to cut my hair and, our mission president really likes buzz cuts, so my hair is a buzzed #2. That kind of sucked, but it will grow back haha. 

Anyways, the quote I wanted to throw in this week comes from Donald L. Hallstrom and it reads, “Who we are is not who we can become.” I thought about this a lot and I love what it implies. Even if we are in a good place, we can always improve and better ourselves and if we constantly push ourselves we can´t even imagine the things that we could do. Thank you to everyone who always writes me and I hope to hear from everyone soon!!

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

 The cheese snacks from Vanessa Perez

 The clouds

 The 3 burgers for $22 and fries

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