Monday, April 21, 2014

Transfers Tomorrow!

Hey Everyone! 

This week was pretty cool and much more laid back than the last couple weeks. On Monday night (tuesday morning) the eclipse with the red moon happened and that was cool to see and I got a couple cool pictures of that. 

Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday I went on divisions with Elder Warth and that was really fun and we talked a lot about our futures and it´s always cool to do divisions with him and he´ll for sure be a good friend after the mission. Also, we both think that we are getting transfered, so this will probably be our last divisions, if not forever then for a little while. Then, Elder Cannon was sick for a little while this week, so we were stuck up in the apartment for a little while. But, he´s doing better now. And, our branch, Ensanche Sur, had 3 more baptisms this last saturday from the other missionaries in the branch and that was cool to see. 

Anyways, la familia Gomez is doing really well and this week we watched the Joseph Smith movie with them and we did service with them one night where we cut their “lawn” with machetes and that was pretty fun. And, the most exciting news...transfers are tomorrow!! I really like Ensanche Sur, but I´m ready to get transfered. I´m excited to go to a new area and see some new things. But, we´ll see what happens and we´ll see where I end up. Although, la familia Gomez doesn´t want me to ever get transfered haha They keep telling me that they aren´t going to let me go on Tuesday. 

Anyways, that´s pretty much it for this week, but the last thing I wanted to add was a quote from General Conference when Henry B Eyring said, “Good decisions don´t have immediate blessings many times, because then they would not require faith to do them and sin would have no temptation if they instantly and always made us feel bad or want to change.” I like this quote a lot. Many times we don´t see the blessings, or the bad consequences, instantly, because then we wouldn´t develop any faith or self control. We would just do, or not do, actions to instantly receive rewards or avoid punishment. So, we should do what is right and trust that, in due time, we will receive the blessings. Thanks to everyone who always elmails me and makes the effort to stay in contact! I appreciate the support hope to hear from you all soon!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

Family of Rosa

 The missionaries with Rosa.

 Elder Cannon and I looking too cool.

 a funny picture of elder Cannon and I teaching

A picture with Carlita and I with the present I gave her that my Aunt sent me! :)
 Red Moon Eclipse

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