Monday, April 28, 2014

7 months and Goya!!

Hey everyone!!! 

I had a great week this week. First I want to start off that I hit 7 months in the mission, crazy that I have already been gone for 7 months!!! The time is flying!! Also, I got transfered to GOYA!!! It´s an awesome city that´s in the south of the mission, south of Resistencia, and I LOVE it!! It is a lot nicer here and nice and cool outside because it is more south. Things are cheaper, it´s the first time I´ve seen a two story house in who knows how long, and the people here are really nice! But, they act overly anxious to accept things and then don´t do anything. It´s really weird how they are so excited and then don´t do anything. 

Anyways, it was kind of hard to leave Sáenz Peña, only because I was wish la familia Gomez when we got the call and they all started crying except for Jorge, and he got pretty close, and then they all gave me a present to remember them and some of them gave me stuff that means a lot to them. So, I left some stuff for them and some pictures and I gave them my rugby ball so that they can remember me. 

Anyways, my new companion is Elder Mauricio and he is from Peru and he´s really cool and it´s weird now NEVER being able to speak in English, but I kind of like it! The church here is bigger, but I still have to play they piano and they have the same number of people at church, just a bigger building and more men than the last area. 

And, la familia pereyra did a dinner for me before I left. Sorry the letter is all over the place this week, but I don´t have a lot of time and I´m remembering stuff as I´m writing. The apartment is cool, but we didn´t have hot water, so we had to boil water and take a "shower" with a bucket, but we are moving to an apartment one floor above us that is a little bigger and has hot water so I´m excited for that, And, we found a family that has been less active in the church, but a few of their kids want to learn and want to be baptized, so I am super excited for that!! 

The quote I wanted to add for this week is from Russell M. Nelson and it says, "Keeping...commandments brings blessings every time;not keeping...commandments loses blessings every time." So, if we are ever down or don´t know why we have a blessing, we just have to obey the commandment and we will receive the blessing, EVERY TIME.

So, if there was anything that you wanted to know about transfers or Goya or something that I didn´t put in here just let me know and I will tell you next week, and the thing to send pictures is broken on this computer, but I will have a ton of pics with my new comp. and Goya next week!!
Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine

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