Monday, November 18, 2013

2nd Week - Ensanche Sur

I don´t have much time to write but I´m going to try. This keyboard at this internet cafe has been used so much that I can´t see any letters on the keyboard so that plus the fact that every word is spelled wrong because the computer is in Spanish is why I'm sure these letters have a ton of mistakes. My branch is ensanche sur (that is the name of the area that meets together). We finally got AC so now I can live!!!! Elder Burnham is from Arizona and just hit his 6 month mark. We have a lot of good investigators but they are all too lazy to go to church and since they have to go 3 times we keep on having to change their baptismal date which is annoying. We have church in a chapel and I have been getting to play the piano on Sundays. I also don't know what Ive said so sorry if something is a repeat. We are 4 hours ahead here. It is normal to have chickens and goats in the streets and they just go in and out of houses and no one really cares. One day a spider made its nest in my pants so I went to put them on and it crawled out which was freaky. So I killed it and its web and stupid eggs it layed. No one has real chairs and they just sit on plastic lawn chairs or buckets. Babies learn how to drink matte before they can walk or talk. Kids have a break in school from 12-4 for the siestas where all the stores close down and everyone just takes a 4 hour nap. The water isn´t good to drink so everyone just drinks soda and nothing else. Also the ground in houses is usually dirt but they sweep it anyways which I think doesn't help but whatever. Dora the explorer here teaches English instead of Spanish, and I can´t remember anything else I wanted to say about the week. If you have questions just email me, it is easier that was, also if anyone wants to be added to this emailing list just send me their email. Also if you want to send me a hand written letter here it takes about two weeks and my address is as follows--

Elder Joshua Clarine
Misión Argentina Resistencia
Entre Ríos 435
Resistenciam Chaco 3500
Casilla de correo 1

Thanks to everyone for the support!! Next week I will try to have more stories and a quote or cool thought, sorry I didn´t have more time!!
Elder Joshua Clarine

Gravity controlled shower that doesn't heat up automatically.
This is what you put you put your garbage in for people to pick up.

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