Monday, November 25, 2013

2 Months - I Don't Sound White

Hola everyone, 

I have officially hit two months in the mission. Crazy how time flies!!! My week was pretty good, it went by super fast. Our investigators are all great and we have 18 with a baptismal date right now but a lot of them have big obstacles to overcome, don't come to church, or have work and we can't teach a lot. The ones we are excited for are Jessica and Patricia who are a mother and daughter but don't know if they can receive an answer. Melina is 14 and her dad isn't too excited about us but her mom just died 1 month ago and she wants to be able to live with her mom again so she really wants to be taught. Claudia just moved here from Columbia with her boyfriend and 2 kids. The problem is that people here never get married and just say they are together and the office to get married closes for 2 months in 3 weeks so she needs to get married before they close!! Poly is awesome!! He has every lesson and has read the Book of Mormon and he just needs to get married before they close and we will baptize him right after. Please pray for these investigators as they are the ones that have the most potential right now and need certain things to go their way!! 

This week I found out that my last name is a newspaper in Buenos Aires so that's always what people think of when I introduce myself. Also, this week I had a dog pee on my shoes, drunk people always yell at us and throw stuff sometimes, and one group of 12 year olds kicked a soccer ball into the back of my head but I just smiled, picked the ball up, and walked it back over to them and apologized that I got in the way of the ball and it was just funny to see their expressions. 

This last Sunday there was a big conference for the church and of the 80 that attended 28 of them were missionaries which was just funny to see so many missionaries. Also, in our zone conference during the week, my companion and I won a prize for the companionship with accents the most like we are from Buenos Aires which I think is awesome because a lot of people tell me I don't sound white I just sound like I'm from Buenos Aires. The food is awesome, if you want to look these up I have been eating asado, milanesa, and some pasta type thing that you pronounce nee-yo-kees. 

I wanted to put a quote in here since I haven`t done that for awhile. "Adversity may sometimes come because of others' poor choices and hurtful words and actions." With this we know that our success and happiness are dependent upon OUR responses to difficult things in life. I just hope we can always remember that, no matter what happens we can choose how WE react. Thanks for all the support and the emails, they really do help!! Talk to everyone soon.
Elder Joshua Clarine
 Panorama picture before the storm we had this week, clear on the left and death on the right.

 This was the street by our apartment the following morning, 
it was more of a river than a street since cars couldn't use it.

 This was the skyline one of the nights.

 These were the clouds one day.

 This little guy lives right over my bed, but at this point I don't even care about spiders anymore.

 My companion and I with our award for our accents.

 All of the missionaries at the zone conference, I am at the top right 4 people in.

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