Monday, December 9, 2013

Last week of the Transfer!

This last week just flew by super fast!! First off, with Catolina Gonzalez there is a story. She is still progressing and she started inviting all of her kids to listen to the lessons too so we have like 8 investigators out of her family alone and now most all of them have gone to church twice so they only need one more to be baptized which is awesome, but we found out 2 days ago that all of them are moving into a house together....that is 3 streets outside of our area. So they are still taking the discussions and still want to be baptized but now other missionaries are going to finish the last two lessons with them and baptize them which is exciting it`s just sad/frustrating because we did all of the teaching and now other missionaries get the baptism so we look bad, but it`s all good as long as their family gets baptized!! It`s kind of sad too because they were one of the only two strong families we had because this week we had to stop teaching a lot of people because they didn`t want to talk with us anymore or they weren`t progressing. 

But, on a happier note, we had a Christmas activity in the ward this week with a nativity by the kids, Christmas music, and all the empanadas we could eat, so it was an awesome night!! Also, we are in the choir for the church so we can sing songs that aren`t in the hymnbook which is a nice change! haha 

The only last thought that I wanted to share that I liked was to acknowledge the gift that Christ gave to all of us, especially in this time of the year. He gave us a great gift, so what gift can we give him in December. An idea that I like is to, with your family, write on a piece of paper a present that you can give Christ, fold it up, and put everyone`s paper into a box. Wrap the present in gold and place it underneath the Christmas tree at the front so that every time you look at the tree you will think of the gift you are trying to work on or give Christ. Then, on Christmas, open that present first and read everyone`s present together to see and talk about the things we can give Christ. I just think this is a fun idea and helps us remember why we celebrate Christmas. I love everyone and hope to hear from all very soon! Thank you for the continued support.

Les Quiero,
Elder Joshua Clarine
 The small flowers that Andrea, the daughter of Catolina Gonsalez, gave me.
 When we made cow stomach empanadas with Poly last week.

The nativity that was set up at the branch activity.

 The spider we found in the church this week.
 Some giant worm that was in the street one night, the tile behind it is like a 
normal one foot tile, it was seriously like the size of a small snake.

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